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The Pitts Aircraft Wings are Mounted
to Ensure a Proper Fit.

This Pitts was built by Chuck Roberts
Photo by Chuck Roberts

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Before Chuck covered his wings,
he wanted to see that the top and bottom wings fit
his Pitts Airplane Project properly.


By now I thought, “Surely I’m more than half way done” – Ya-right!

I must have changed my mine a 100 times on the paint color and paint scheme. After all aren’t all Pitts painted red and white. Deciding on the color may have been easier if I did not get the IAC magazine. Have you ever looked at those paint schemes and paint jobs? This was the first time I have ever painted anything without my KRYLON spray can. I decided to go with a yellow airplane with black stripes outlined in white. I also decided I wanted a shinny plane, so I choose Aerothane. I followed the manufactures instructions WORD for WORD it worked great. I was very happy with my practice pieces. So I started painting the fuselage yellow. It came out great! Next went to the top wing, came out great! Next went to other pieces. By now several people came to look at my paint job, they were surprised with the finish. I joked with some of them and asked why are you so surprised. Well, I was informed that Aerothane is the hardest paint to use and that I was doing it wrong. I listened to each and every one of these experts.




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