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 Sheetmetal is Added over the Front of the Pitts Aircraft Fuselage.

This Pitts was built by Chuck Roberts
Photo by Chuck Roberts

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As the Pitts Construction Continues,
Chuck uses a variety of materials including this
sheetmetal that he is adding over his fuselage.

Next comes the Poly Brush; You should really do this in a well ventilated area, but if you do some of the smaller pieces in the garage, after awhile you don’t care. Heck, after awhile, your wife don’t even care.

Read and follow the directions, if you don’t have a HVLP paint system and fresh air unit – get one! Surely you have people in your town that is also building a project. I was fortunate, another buddy of mine was also building a project and had purchased one and was kind enough to let me use his. NOTE: when you take on a project like building a plane from scratch – you need buddies – lots of buddies. And get use to being indebted to them because you can’t do this alone. The hardest part is you have to be nice to them as long as you need them – but when it’s done! – you can go back to being your normal self.




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