The A-7 Corsair II Exhibit

Vought A-7 Corsair II Light Attack Aircraft from VA-125 in 1976.

This is what the a7 corsair II looked like at NAS Lemoore, California
Click Here's a picture of the A7 Corsair II Light Attack Jet Fighter Aircraft from VA-125 the Rough Raiders at NAS Lemoore in 1976

Vought A-7 Corsair II from VA-125.
A-7 Corsair II Recovery Exhibit
at the Prairie Aircraft Museum.

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This is the a7 just taken out of storage
A-7 Corsair II At NAS Lemoore California 1976

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A-7 on the USS Kitty Hawk


This is one of the VA-125 Airplanes on the flight line in 1976 at NAS Lemoore California.  Notice the numbers on the side and the tail.  They are 500 series numbers and the tail has all three numbers painted on it.  If you have read earlier in this exhibit, you will notice that the museum had received improper information from the Navy and painted 400 series numbers on it.   The plane has been at the museum for about ten years now and the paint on the tail is starting to peel so eventually it will have the numbers changed.

Please Note:  I had a question about the numbers on the tails of these planes.  I couldn't find anyone who knew what the NJ on the tail meant.   So, I thought to myself, I'll just call the source.  I picked up the phone and called VA-125.  I spoke to the Maintenance Chief, the Division officer and finally the XO.  No one could tell me what the NJ meant.  Now, today 7-23-2002 I get a letter from Kevin Metz.  WE need to make him the new president.

The tail code "NJ" is for all "West Coast" training squadrons or RAG as we call them. All East Coast training squadrons is "AJ". This is further broken down into individual Air wings. For example all the aircraft in Air wing 5 have "NF". 
V/R Kevin E. Metz
 Former VA-195 "Dambuster" Plane Captain.


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