Picture of Skydivers on the North Pole.
This exhibit was posted on 7-5-2005


Please Note:  The background on this page is an aerial photo of the sea ice near the island of Svalbard, Norway

   Picture of Skydivers on the Geographical North Pole.  



Picture of skydivers free falling over the North Pole.

Picture of Skydivers in continous free fall over the North Pole.

Picture of skydivers with their canopy open over the North Pole ice.

Photos by Burk Reiman

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The skydivers are all of the Russian helicopter.  Picture after picture, the skydivers get closer and closer to the ice.  Notice the picture of skydivers that are very close to the ice.  You have to watch your step on this one, you don't want to fall into one of these open water leads.  One of the skydivers in this picture told me that the wind suddenly picked up just before he landed and he thought that he was going to have to make a last minute turn to avoid hitting the open lead.  Just before he was going to turn, the wind slowed down and he was able to land on the same sheet of ice that the helicopter was on.  If he landed on the wrong side of the lead, the helicopter would have to make an extra trip to pick him up. 

In the lower picture, right next to the skydivers hand, you can see an old lead that has recently frozen over.  When these North Pole leads open up, they will usually freeze over in about eight hours and you will be able to walk on them in about ten hours.  That would be a long wait at a surface temperature of -35 degrees.  When looking at the Fahrenheit scale and the Celsius scale, they meet and are the same at -40 degrees.  However, in all of these exhibits I use the Fahrenheit scale.

I have to commend Burk Reiman for taking some fantastic skydiving pictures.  I have looked at them a dozen times and they still look great.  These guys have over 2000 jumps each and I have a whopping seven jumps. Ha. Ha.  They are a whole lot more experienced than me but each time I look at these pictures, my experience level goes up.  Thank you Burk.

Just for your information, these pictures were taken on the Geographical North Pole, not the magnetic North Pole or even North Pole Alaska, but the real North Pole where Santa lives.

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