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The Gee Bee Airplane Company Exhibit, the Gee Bee "Model D" Airplane.

Farmers take flight, the Gee Bee Aircraft Story
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From the Book
Farmers Take Flight.
The Story of the Gee Bee Airplanes by J. I. Granville.

In the spring of 1931, Granny attended Pearle's college graduation in Durham, New Hampshire.  Shortly after, he went off, flying the newest small Sportster (NC11043) to air shows and races.  The plane was a "Model D" with an in-line Menasco Pirate C4 engine.  Because of its agility and its special fuel system for inverted flying, Granny thought the plane was capable of skywriting.  For the first time, the little sport plane was seen to have potential as a commercial plane.  But before going to the expense of adding a smoke system, he wanted to confirm his newest idea with the best skywriter in the business.  Lewis Meler, famous for his "Lucky Strike" cigarette script, could be found in New York City.  Mr. Meler took the Gee Bee through a flight test of imaginary skywriting and declared it perfect.  Granny flew home to install an apparatus which injected oil and chemicals into the exhaust, where it burned, causing smoke.  A trigger on the joystick controlled the release of the mixture.  Upon its return to New York, Meler demonstrated the Sportster for the Skywriting Corporation of America.  Zantford was delighted to see "Gee Bee" scrawled over Manhattan but disappointed when they did not purchase the plane.  For now, the company was making no changes.
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This is a photo from the Book
Farmers Take Flight
Gee Bee "Model D" Airplane

by J. I. Granville



B-24 Liberator Bombers

Gee Bee Sportster (Model D) Airplane
Click Picture for Larger View
Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

Gee Bee Sportster ("Model D") 
This ship was later equipped for skywriting

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Gee Bee Airplane Model Z Specs.

Pratt & Whitney "Wasp" 1/8 Kit
Plastic Model Kit

This was a record setting power plant for many Golden Age racers and military aircraft. Plastic kit is molded in two colors and consists of more than 200 parts. Includes nine cylinders, crankcase, two magnetos, carburetor, fuel pump, starter, propeller hub, display mount and much more. Assembly required.

Gross Weight 2280 lb Empty Weight 1400 lb Useful Load 880 lb Seats 1

Length (overall) 15 ft 1 in Cowl Diameter 46 in Span 23 ft 6 in Root Chord 50.4 in Rib Spacing 5.5 in Spar Spacing 25.5 in Airfoil M-6 Incidence Angle 3 deg Dihedral Angle 4.5 deg

Wing Area 75 sq ft Aileron Area 9.5 sq ft Stabilizer Area 8.4 sq ft Elevator Area 6.9 sq ft Fin Area 2.2 sq ft Rudder Area 4.9 sq ft

Landing Gear Travel 6 in Tires 23 inch Goodrich 6.5 x 10 Wheel Tread 71.75 in Wheel Fairing Width 10.5 in

Top Speed 270 mph,
Cruise Speed 230 mph,
Landing Speed 80 mph

Runway Requirement 5000 ft @ SL

Range 900 sm

Powerplant P & W Wasp Jr
 (Supercharged) 535 hp @ 2400 rpm Fuel 103 gal Oil 11 gal

Production 1 First Flight 8-22-1931


-Chrome Moly steel tube fuselage. - Covered with fabric.

Flight Controls Rudder - Cable Actuated Ailerons - Torque tube actuated Elevator - Push pull tube and double cables.

Notes: - Winner of 1931 Thompson Trophy at 236.24 mph - Qualification speed for 1931 Thompson (level flight, 1 pass each way, averaged) 267.342 mph - Larger 750 hp Wasp Sr, new prop and cowl were installed after the Thompson.


  Farmers take flight, the Gee Bee Aircraft Story

Farmers Take Flight by June Granville





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Gee Bee Z Racer
Balsa Wood Kit

This balsa kit includes more than 100 laser-cut, hand-selected balsa parts; vacuum-molded parts; light weight colored tissue; color peel-and-stick decals; full size plans with step-by-step instructions; and much more. 24" wingspan when assembled; for display or rubber-powered flight.


Gee Bee Z Racer
Pre Built Mahogany 1/20 Model

Made of Philippine mahogany, this 1/20 scale model measures 9" in length with a wingspan of 14". Hand painted and detailed, this model comes ready to display on the included mahogany base.

Gee Bee Logo Hat

This white, 100% cotton hat features an embroidered Gee Bee script logo, just as it was displayed on the famed Granville Brothers' racers. Includes an adjustable strap with buckle for perfect sizing.


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This shows how to level the Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft wings, place the wings on the airplane and adjusting the Flying Wires and Landing Wires.
Exhibit Added 12-Jan-2002


a7 corasir ii located in the Prairie Aviation Museum in bloomington illinois


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