Articles about American Veterans and Concerns about our Country

Who is Attacking America and our Veterans

Attacks against Americans and our Veterans and Disabled Veterans in the United States.  How can we be proud to be an American when we have 400,000 Homeless Disabled Veterans in America. 

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PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

How Veterans are treated and how the system ignores and attacks the problems that Veterans with PTSD are experiencing.  Also, what doctors do that intensifies the problems.  This is a letter from a British Veteran in the Falkland Islands War.  It also has a link to the Falkland Islands Expedition that is very interesting and describes how more soldiers, both from Great Britain and Argentina, died from suicide after the war than during the war itself.  How are veterans treated after being used by their governments.  Read this and decide for yourself.  This is the truth.

More Lude and Violent Agenda on Basic Satellite TV

This is an article that you must read.  You and your family are continuously being attacked by domestic terrorist teaching that you should cheat on your wife, your husband, your fiance, and that your daughters should have sex with on the whim.  What did you fight for in the war, so domestic terrorist can tear apart our families.  If you speak against this type of domestic terrorism, you are guilty of a "Hate Crime" isn't that the truth. Read this article and then think.

A Soldier Writes about Obama in Iraq

This letter tells what our government really thinks about our soldiers.  It's not just Senator Obama, but this is very typical of the modern American Politician.  There are only a few politicians that are fighting for our veterans, Congressman Phil Hare is one, but the rest are fighting for fame and big money, not the future of our country or the average citizen.

Denzel Washington visits the Brooks Army Medical Center

This is an interesting article about Denzel Washington Visiting the Brooks Army Medical Center and talks to the Disabled Veterans.

Who Should Take Urine Drug Test

Mr. Charlie Kane explains it very well.  Are drug testing or not drug testing a violation of equal rights.

Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim from Jack Hook

The memories of Vietnam and the great men I served with in the Army back in the 60's are always with me.

Henry Wolf in Viet Nam

I was stationed in Dalat-Camly, about 90 kilometers west of Cam Ranh Bay Viet Nam, and we were bivouacked in an old French three story walk-up hotel in downtown Dalat, some 13k from the airfield where we worked.

Roy Carlson Inspirational Achiever

Speaks about the Nazi underworld in America in WW2.  You will be shocked about how our country was being attacked, from within, in WW2 and it is still under attack today.  This is a very interesting article.

Is the American Dollar being Divided? Read this article how our dollar is being taken over and our country is divided right under our nose, and we don't even see it.
Is our Government being taken over from within.  Are you planning for retirement.  If you are, What Flag will be flying over Your Capital
Another Great story about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, What you don't know.  What does it take to be a Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  It takes more than you can imagine.
John Roy Carlson
How the Nazi's are attacking America from Within.
Sports Heroes and American Heroes, What's the Difference.
We are All Americans
Conservative Republicans and Democrats.
The Webmasters Story. 
A true story about the webmaster and what positive thinking, in the midst of great adversity, pain and disability, can do for your life.
A letter from a Concerned Veteran.
A letter about the return of our MIA's from Laos.
What makes a Great Country a Great Country?
The Wrong Army or is it The Wrong War. 
Read this article then look at the tremendous link from Mary Jones
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  A gripping story about how our guards would not leave their post even when their lives were threatened by the bad weather of Hurricane Katrina.
Republicans, Democrats and Socialists.
New American online magazine.
The World Trade Center Bombing.
Tribute to the United States.
the Bill of No Rights.
What about President George Bush  by Gerald Bratcher.
Gold Star Mothers a group of mothers who have had their sons killed in war  Info from Gil Bliss.
The Kitchen Table Gang.  A veterans group working to make VA hospital stays more pleasant.
A conversation between Senator Metzenbaum to Senator Glenn  very interesting.
The Fourth of July  What happened to the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Gulf War Veterans
Are we treating our veterans right?  Are we giving our money to the Russians and allowing our vets to go bankrupt?
Gun Control in Australia The government took away all of the guns, is gun control working for them? 
A new senate bill threatens gun ownership  are only the rich going to be allowed to own guns?
Please Pray for our Nation   This prayer was given in the Senate.  A number of senators walked out.  What do think about them.
Taps, what is the story behind this most famous song.
They had the odds stacked against them (Veterans)
They fought with their lives for our freedom and we are ready to give it all away.
Y-I-BETOn the Youth of America   Here's what we are doing at YellowAirplane to help save our kids and our country.
Definitions you need to know.
I should have saved some of the letters that I have received from this article.  By just writing down the definitions, right out of the dictionary, I had some sleazy people really upset.  It's amazing how people think that they are the best people in the world, yet they will fill their letters with incredibly filthy words.  These words come right out of their innermost self.  This shows that the definitions listed are really true and people don't like to hear the truth.
Links to Veterans Information Pages on other sites.
The Kitchen Table Gang      A group that helps improve the life of veterans in the VA hospitals.  They have a real nice program that sends magazines, books, cards and more to the veterans at your nearest VA hospital with your name on the package.

A great link page for Veterans    from the Kitchen Table Gang. 
The American Legion. 
The American Veterans Network.

Click Here's a letter for you from my brother: James Seth Dyrek

Dyrek Vets that have no rights.

Who cares about Joe Dyrek WW II and John, James, Jack, Jerry, and Jeffery,  Viet Nam Era Vets. Six Dyrek's that served their country.   I care, Sergeant First Class James S. Dyrek, Vietnam Vet said.  "While I was in Vietnam in the years of 1965 thru 1968,  with all the other Vietnam Vet's,  the rest of the country was either having a good time or protesting something and some of them made millions in the process.  I ask, what are my rights after 25 continuous years of  Service? For Gods sake!  I couldn't even get a very bad tooth pulled at a Military Base. Thank you Mr. Government for leaving me on the curb of a street holding my Jaw. SFC James S. Dyrek, disappointed."

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Salute to our military from the North Pole, Colonel Phil ?




Veterans Organizations

American Veterans Network

Iraq Veterans Against the War
From the Webmaster:  These guys have been there and are speaking out against an illegal war was started under false pretenses.  The one thing that really bothers me is why is it that oil companies are allowed to make record profits during a time of national crises.

Military Families Speak Out
Funding the War is Killing Our Troops. Support Our Troops
Fund a Safe and Orderly Withdrawal from Iraq and Care for Them as They Return.

Black Veterans for Social Justice, Inc.
From the Webmaster.  I watched a program today about the homeless veterans.  Why should there be any homeless veteran, ever.  Many of these homeless veterans are black.  Many have physical and mental handicaps and yet the colleges protest them while the kids have money for major drunk parties.  Why don't these kids stop protesting and get off their rears and help someone sometime.

U.S. Vets: A Public private partnership for homeless Veterans
Click Here is an organization that is helping in a way that helps:  U.S.VETS and the California Employment Development Department are presenting a Career Expo - Job & Resource Fair that will be one of the State’s largest and most distinctive.

Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools
From the Webmaster: I'm absolutely sick of you punks who do nothing but party and protest.  Do something worth while and put your efforts where they improve our country.  Get the violence and sex off of our media and the headsets out of your ears.  Listen to our current music and open your mind to what it is really telling you.  You are being programmed to be a pervert, violent and an anti-American.  The problem is not the military, it's the politicians, protest them, not our soldiers.  I have read many of the commentaries on this page and they are written by people who "Claim" that they know, but don't know anything.  Any school that has this program on it should not receive any government funding, period.

Code Pink - Women for Peace
From the Webmaster:  I have read many of the comments on this page too, you will need to read them too.  These women are women who have experience in life and are not just trying to sound like big shots.  They have legitimate points that we need to address.

Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft
From the Webmaster:  There are a lot of interesting articles on this site.

Gold Star Families for Peace
We as families of soldiers who have died as a result of war are organizing to be a positive force in our world to bring our countrys sons and daughters home from Iraq, to minimize the human cost of this war, and to prevent other families from the pain we are feeling as the result of our losses.

Fernando Suarez del Solar's Guerrero Azteca Project Site.

on the Youth of America
Click above to see what your kids are learning now at

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Viet Nam Veterans Page
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