B-24 Liberator Pilots and their Crews in WW2

B-24 Liberator pilots and their crews improve their living conditions in a tent city.

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by Jesse Pettey

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B-24 Liberator Bombers

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B-24 Liberator pilots and their crews improve their living conditions in a tent city

Photo Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

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After two stressful missions, the crew had been granted a free day.  We could now concentrate on making our tent more comfortable.  Since moving into our tent, I had slept inside a sleeping bag on an empty mattress cover placed on an uncomfortable folding cot.  The damp ground served as our floor.  We had no heat and were informed by those who had experienced a winter season in Italy that winters can be very cold.  My tent mates and I agreed that we should first install a floor and that we should begin by inspecting tents of our neighbors in order to learn how to make one.  We found that they had built their floors with what they called "tufee brick", a concrete brick that was plentiful on the air base and best of all, free.  I never discovered the significance of the word tufee but I was grateful to the Air Force for making them available for any who might want them.  An armload at a time, we carried and stacked the bricks outside our tent where they would be available to lay side by side and end to end on the dirt floor of our tent.

  Jesse Pettey

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