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Illinois  Air and Space Museums.

Illinois Museos del Aire y del Espacio

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A P-51 Mustang Airplane called "Chicago's Own"
A P-51D called "Chicago's Own" flown by Lt. Fred Warner fo the 356th Fighter Squadron, 354th Fighter Group, over France in 1944
A List of Airplane Museums in Illinois.
Illinois airplane museums cover all aspects of airplanes.  Illinois is also the home of the 183rd fighter squadron flying the F-16 falcon jet fighter, located in Springfield.  YellowAirplane.com is also located in Illinois.  It has a land area of 55,593 square miles.  The highest point in Illinois is Charles Mound which is 1,235 feet.  Illinois' capitol is Springfield and its largest city is Chicago.  The population of Illinois is 11,466,700 people.

A special thanks for the help on this information from Richard Kennedy.

Lista de Museos de avión en Illinois.
Illinois avión museos abarcan todos los aspectos de los aviones.  Illinois es también el hogar de la 183a escuadrón de vuelo de combate F-16 halcón caza a reacción, ubicado en Springfield. YellowAirplane.com también se encuentra en Illinois. Tiene una superficie de 55.593 millas cuadradas. El punto más alto en Illinois es Charles Montículo que es 1.235 pies. Illinois capital es Springfield y su mayor ciudad es Chicago. La población de Illinois es 11.466.700 personas.

             Illinois Air and Space Museums.
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The last updates on the museum listings were added 18 Jan 2011
Due to legal changes in Illinois, I will not be updating this list until further notice.
These museums change their information and locations very often.
Please try to contact the museum before you try to visit it, it may not be there anymore.

34th Fighter Squadron Exhibit
   Take a tour of an operational WW2 fighter squadron       stationed on the Western Pacific Island of Ie Shima.  This is a  historical event showing the complete fighter operation from the Mess Hall to the P-47 in flight.  You can also see the Japanese Surrender Delegation visit the Island.


Air Classics Museum of Aviation
43W624 US Route 30
Sugar Grove, IL 60554
630 446-0888
Info thanks to Pat Carry
About 9 Aircraft


Air Combat Museum
835 South Airport Road
Springfield, IL 62707
Phone: 217-522-2181
Info thanks to Pat Carry
About 3 Aircraft


Air National Guard Base
183rd Fighter Squadron
Springfield Airport
Mac Arthur Blvd.
Springfield, Illinois
Outside Aircraft Display
F-4, F-86, F-84
all in beautiful shape
About 3 Aircraft

Air National Guard Base
182nd Air Lift Wing
North West Side of the Peoria Airport
Outside Display
all in beautiful shape
About 3 Aircraft

Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum
1011 Pacesetter Drive
Rantoul, Illinois 61866-3672
call us at (217) 893-1613
Chanute Airfare Base is Located near Rantoul Illinois
About 40 Aircraft

Dupage County Airport
Located in St. Charles Illinois
Webmasters Note: The airplanes are very nicely kept, and they have some of the most beautifully built model airplanes I've ever seen.  It turns out, after I asked around awhile, that these models were built by the night watchman.
About 8 Aircraft

Frasca Air Museum
1402 E Illini Airport Rd
Urbana, IL. 61801
About ? Aircraft

Illinois State Military Museum
Camp Lincoln
1301 North Mac Arthur Boulevard
Barracks Building #41
Springfield, Illinois, 62702-2399

      Visiting Hours:
Monday - Friday 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

      Admission / Suggested Donation:
Adult 18 Years and older $2.00 
Youth 17 years & younger $1.00 

      Your generosity directly contributes to the operation of this museum and will ensure Public Access, Preservation, and Programming in this facility. For further information contact: Mark Whitlock at (217) 761-3910 or fax (217) 761-3712.


Heritage Flight Museum
Heritage In Flight
1351 Airport Rd.
Lincoln, IL. 62656
Update thanks to Pat Carry
Note from the Webmaster:  This is where I took my flight exam.
About 6 Aircraft


Museum of Science and Industry 
57th St. & Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60637
This is an A-7 Corsair II  -- Located at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry
Webmasters Note:  This is one of the finest museums in the world.  I'm not kidding. Inside they have a 727 mounted from the second floor which gives a real nice show of flight operations.  Don't miss the Onmi-Max theater and the space center  Also see the fantastic U-505 German Submarine from WW2.  Allow yourself 2 days to see this one.   I go here at least once per year.

About 13 Aircraft and Spacecraft, 1 Submarine, 1 Coal mine and a lot more

O'Hare Airport
Chicago IL.
O'Hare International Airport Terminal 2
Grumman F4F-3 12320 Painted As "Butch" O'Hare's Plane
    Probably 12260 Crashed Lake Michigan 3-1-44 Recovered 
1991.  Airport Renamed to O'HARE For "Butch"
Info thanks to Gil Bliss
Updates thanks to Pat Carry
Single  Aircraft Display

Prairie Aviation Museum 
P.O. Box 856 
Bloomington, IL. 61701
Here is the A-7 Corsair II at NAS Lemoore in 1974, but it is now located at the Prairie Aviation Museum in Bloomington Illinois.
Webmasters Note:  One of these aircraft is an A7 from VA-125.  This is the Squadron which I was attached to when stationed at NAS  Lemoore, CA  I also served with the World Famous Golden Dragons home based in Lemoore..  The plane shown here is an A-7B used by VA-125

 Look Here to see how this aircraft was recovered and restored.

About 8 Aircraft
A-7 Corsair II books      A-7 Corsair II movies      A-7 Corsair II models    A-7s on the USS Kitty Hawk


Scott Field Heritage Airpark
216 East "A" Street
Belleville, IL 62220

Info Thanks to Pat Carry
About 6 Aircraft


Vintage Wings and Wheels
11619 Route 76
Poplar Grove, Illinois 61035

Museum Listing Thanks to Pat Carry
About ? Aircraft and many old cars.


Warbird Hertage Foundation
3000 Corporate Drive
Waukegan, IL 60087

Museum Listing Thanks to Pat Carry
About 8 Aircraft


World Aerospace Museum
 Visitors by appointment only.
217 885 3143
Quincy, Illinois

Museum Listing Thanks to Pat Carry
About 4 Aircraft


Jacob Dyrek,  from poland to pullman

From Poland to Pullman

One man's Story

How Jacob Dyrek made his journey from Poland to the community of Pullman on the south side of Chicago.   The hardships he and men like him endured. 

by Lorri Timbs




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