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  The F-104 Starfighter at McCellan Aerospace Museum of California  

  F-104 Starfighter Crew Chief at the Aerospace Museum of California by Ken Marlatt Page 2

The F-104 Starfighter crew chief has many jobs working on the Museum's Planes.

F-104 Starfighter Jefe de Equipo en el Museo Aeroespacial de California

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Crew chief of the  USAF F-104 Starfighter


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U.S. Air Force F-104 Star Fighter Military Jet PlaneKen Marlatt worked as a Crew Chief and started when was fifteen years old.  The purpose of a crew chief is to maintain the aircraft at the Aerospace Museum of California at McCellan Air Park in Sacramento California.  Maintenance of static display aircraft is more than just washing them.  Tire pressures, corrosion control, viewer safety devices, such as ropes and other functions are involved.  In many planes instruments are removed and restored to a good visual appearance. On planes parked outside the work is much more, due to weathering and UV damage to aircraft parts.  Some planes are even restored to flying or nearly flying conditions as parts become available. 

The job is a continuous effort and cannot be stopped or the planes will eventually erode into a pile of waste metal.  At the McCellan Air Park, they have about two hundred volunteers and they could not run the museum without people like Ken Marlatt who has the experience and passion for the job.  They have more than forty static aircraft on display on about four acres at the museum, most of the planes are sitting in the weathers and being touched regularly by visitors.  Ken Marlatt is a crew chief on the F-104 Starfighter series of jet fighters.  Along with his job of maintaining the aircraft, Ken spends a lot of time explaining the aircraft to the museums visitors. 

Photos Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

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"Howling Howland" NASA F-104B Starfighter N819NA
Aerospace Museum of California

Photos Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

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