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Air Group 16" hspace="10"00V8373vspace="4" border="0" width="250" height="381" align="left"> 00V8373
Air Group 16
DVD Video

We Came to Remember.
Through archival footage and first-person accounts, this program tells the story of Air Group 16 and its pilots, radiomen and gunners who served on the aircraft carrier USS Lexington (CV-16), the "Blue Ghost," in World War II's Pacific Theater. You'll even meet the men and their families as they journey to Washington, D.C., for the dedication of the National World War II Memorial in 2004. Widescreen, color and B&W, 30 minutes.


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America at War - DVD 00V9183
America at War - 14 DVD Set
Featuring archival footage, expert interviews, battlefield visits and reenactments, this 14-DVD collection includes more than 30 documentaries that chronicle the entire history of U.S. warfare, from the "shot heard around the world" that launched the Revolutionary War through the Alamo, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the Korean War, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm, and the current Operation Iraqi Freedom. As an added bonus, you also get programs examining modern weaponry and the experiences of embedded journalists. Color and B&W, 32+ hours.   #00V9183    3
Airship Handling - DVD00V9504
Airship Handling - DVD
  Because of their large size and extreme mass, ground-handling U.S. Navy airships was a risky proposition that too-often resulted in damage to the ships and injury - or even death - to American sailors. Now, this collection of historic footage shows you these ships and their ground operations up close. You'll see the USS Los Angeles at Lakehurst, the USS Macon at Moffett Field, K ship ground handling, ZPG 2 handling with mechanical mules, and more. B&W and color, approximately 1 hour.

Airship Propaganda - DVD00V8687
Airship Propaganda - DVD
  Containing three classic airship films, this video captures the best efforts to "Keep America First in the Air." The Story of the Airship features Army blimps including the spy-basket equipped TC-13, the semi-rigid RS-1 and the USS Macon. Blimps Go to Town highlights the Navy's entire 1937 airship fleet. Finally, Blimp Patrol, produced in Brazil, shows blimps in combat and rescue. B&W silent and narrated film, approximately 60 minutes.
Airships Fight a Cold War - DVD00V8690
Airships Fight a Cold War - DVD
  Airship History Series
The decision to retain airships in the U.S. Navy following WWII returned old K-ships to duty and inspired development of the more capable tri-tail ZS2G-1 and the larger "Nan" generation, including the ZPN-1, the ZPG-2 and the ZPG-3W. See the triumphs and tragedies of these airships from 1945-1962 and also learn of current plans to return airships to Naval service. B&W and color; 110 minutes.





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Historical Study Notes about the F-100 Super Sabre Jet Fighter
  F-100D Super Sabre and the F-105 Thunderchief Thud are the stars of this movie shot entirely over the green hills of Vietnam in 1967. This nearly forty minute DVD volume is packed with loads of explosive color Vietnam gun camera footage. This footage contains an engagement with a MiG-17 and lots of bombing of identified targets, strafing and large explosions. If you or someone you know served in Vietnam, this movie will allow you to get back into the cockpit of a Super Sabre or a Thunderchief and re-fly a mission from long ago. This volume is complete with a suitable musical underscore and digital sound effects to make the viewing experience as real as it can be. Be sure to turn up the bass and listen to the floor rumble as the missions begin. Fighter Groups and Wings Represented 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron 13th TFS part of the 388th TFW 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron 34th TFS part of the 413th FBW 44th Tactical Fighter Squadron 44th TFS part of the 18th TFW 416th Tactical Fighter Squadron  416th TFS part of the 21st TFW 469th Tactical Fighter Squadron  469th TFS: The Mission of the 469th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) was to conduct interdiction operations in North Vietnam and Laos. The targets were lines of transportation and communications, roads, railroads, bridges, supply areas, military training facilities, missile sites, radar sites, airfields, anti-aircraft emplacements, river barges, trucks, construction equipment, river fords, and vulnerable highway sections. Corollary missions were combat air patrol (MiGCAP) flights with AIM-9B sidewinder missiles. Electronic countermeasures (ECM) and electronic intelligence (ELINT) aircraft escort, Rescue (RESCAP) missions, leaflet drops, radar "Buddy Bombing" with RB-66 aircraft and camera pod missions. 612th Tactical Fighter Squadron  612th TFS part of the 35th TFW  


Letters From our Readers

Were you a F-100 Super Sabre pilot or squadron member?  Send me your pictures and tell me your story Write to the Webmaster

When and where were the Super Sabre's flown?  Here's a letter from a man that was a crew members in a F-100 squadron.

Hi Guy
Been looking at your site,  I like it!   You have a Vet 's letter About serving with F-100's at the time I was there at Itazuki AFB Japan  "Jim"    But can't E-Mail him  Would you help.  
Thanks,  Sam

I served in the 35th fighter bomber squadron as crew chief on F100 aircraft at Itazuki A.F.Base in Japan from 1957 until 1958. transferred to Kadena A.F. base Okinawa 44th Fighter bomber squadron until the end of 1958.TDY to KOREA for 3 months.  returned to Seymour-Johnson A.F. base North Carolina. Are there any pilots or crew chiefs or ground support personnel that was connected   to the F100 still living? 

My name is  John Rebecek and I crewed the F-100 from 1961 to 1964. I was stationed at Cannon AFB for 4 years during which we had TDY"s  to Turkey in 1961-1962, Saudi Arabia, in 1963 - 1964, and when the Vietnam war broke out in August 1964 we deployed to the Philippines  than to Thailand and than on to Da Nang. I Left Da Nang in November and returned to Cannon where I was discharged in December. I enjoyed  crewing the F-100 and going to all the different places. We usually had 2 or 3 deployments a year in the states for fire power demo's or war games.  I was a member of the 522nd Tactical Fighter Squadron when I first reported to Cannon and then we were all put into the 27th TFW maintenance group and would deploy with whichever Squadron  in the Wing that needed us.


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