Willow Run B24 Production Exhibit, Michigan

A German U-Boat in WW2, Defeated by Charles E. Sorensen's B-24 Liberators.

Willow RunColossus of American Industry  Page 5-6

The German U-Boats were a tremendous threat against the Allied Shipping in the Atlantic.  Something had to be done.

To solve the problem, the Allies used VLB Very Long Range Bombers to seek out and destroy the Wolf Packs of the Northern Atlantic during World War 2.  The bombers that were chosen were the B-24 Liberators built in the Detroit, Michigan and San Diego, California bomber factories.  The factory in San Diego produced about one B-24 per week where the Henry Ford Plant in Willow Run, Michigan, near Detroit, produced a whopping One B-24 Liberator every 58 Minutes.  This was too much for the German U-Boat Wolf Packs.  The Willow Run B-24 Liberator Factory was designed by Charles E. Sorensen.   

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Willow Run
Colossus of American Industry. 

Photo of  a German U-Boat similar to the boats that Sorenson's B-24 Liberators sunk.

Photo Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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Without the effort of Charles E. Sorensen, we may not have won the war.

Sorenson's production of the long range B-24s defeated Hitler's Admiral Donenitz Atlantic submarine operations that controlled the entire Atlantic Ocean.  His submarine Wolf Packs had sunk 750,000 tons of equipment being sent to England during the first three weeks of March 1942.

While the Army Air Force was preparing its major air offensive against Hitler's European stronghold, it was also engaged in hunting submarines that had taken control of the Atlantic Ocean.  From, the time of Hitler's major offensives in Europe in 1939, until October of 1943 the U boats remained the gravest threat to the Allied Force's build up of both air and surfaces equipment upon which their long range war plans depended.  (Army Air Force Records in World War II - p337)

In November 1942 equipment was seriously limited in the critical category of long range bombers. But, steps were at once taken to remedy the situation, {In August, 1942, Sorenson released his first full lot of 15 B-24s into production at Willow Run} and by the end of the following summer two squadrons were flying radar equipped B-24s for antisubmarine flights, and were moved to England.

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