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North Pole Expedition 2002 Home Page, A truly Action Adventure Travel Tour.

C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster, standing on the North Pole
This is a Story and Photos of an Action Adventure Travel Tour to the North Pole and an Expedition Adventure of 2002 through Siberia.

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These Photos are from the April, 2002 North Pole Expedition Adventure Travel.

Going to the North Pole is a fantastic experience filled with adventure, parties and great friends.  You will love it too, come and join us on next years north pole expedition adventure and experience the thrill yourself.  Look at all of the North Pole Photos starting from this page and you will see the greatest Adventure Travel Tour on Earth.
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New 5-20-2002




The YellowAirplane Team on the
North Pole Expedition of 2002.

Please note;  I've been to Hawaii three times and I had more fun on one North Pole Expedition than all three times in Hawaii.  You still need to go to Hawaii, it's great too!

.The Arctic Adventure Starts Here...


Pictures and stories of Khatanga,  a small town in the far northern Siberia Russia.
Sredney Island.
A former Russian ICBM base far in the Arctic Ocean, our next stop toward the North Pole. 
On the North Pole.
Photos of Camp Barneo , just 60 miles from the pole and our group actually on the pole.
Aerial Photos.
Aerial Photos of Russia, Siberia and the French Alps.
The Planes.
Click Here's most of the Russian Planes that we flew in for this expedition to the Pole.
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.Click Here to see the 2002 North Pole Photo Gallery only.

The background picture on this page is an actual photo of the
snow on the North Pole.   --  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster.
  Expedition Administrator Curtis Lieber
U.S. Expedition Operation Coordinator Curtis Lieber
Expedition Leader and Videographer Global Expeditions
Lead Expedition Guide Misha
Second Expedition and Jump Master Guide Sergey
Third Expedition Guide and Promotor C. Jeff Dyrek

 This 2002 Expedition was Sponsored by
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Macomb, Canton, Kewanee, Galesburg, Monmouth.

Farm King Stores of Western Illinois
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Other North Pole Exhibits.
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2005 North Pole Expedition

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Svalbard Weather

Camera in Longyearbyen and Svea

This Web Cam Camera is located in Longyearbyen and shows the old quay and  Hiorthfjellet.
Longyearbyen right now! (Click for larger image) Live Web Cam Photos  

North Pole Web Cam
Sunrise/Sunset Calculator
North Pole from space
About Latitude and Longitude
Bodo Airplane Museum


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