Willow Run B24 Production Exhibit, Michigan

Painting of a Burning B-24 Liberator in the Ploesti Raid in WW2.

Willow Run: Colossus of American Industry  Page 5-10

The B-24 Liberator bombers flew from Benghazi, Libya, North Africa, with directions to descend on the Ploesti Oil Fields at treetop level, bomb the refineries, and return. One third never returned.  This page shows a photo of a burning B-24 Liberator in the raid.
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Willow Run Colossus of American Industry.

Fighting their way to Hitlers Ploesti Oil Fields, one third of the bombers were shot down.
Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

Painting of A Burning B-24 Liberator in
the Ploesti Romania Oil Field Raid, August 1st, 1943.


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The B-24 Liberator bombers flew from Benghazi, North Africa, with directions to descend on Ploesti at treetop level, bomb the refineries, and return.

The low-level bombers could evade enemy radar and were thought to be more difficult to shoot down. But despite warnings that a German heavy flak train had been moved into the area and that the secrecy of their mission had been compromised, the bombers were still sent out. Minutes away from the target, one of the bomber commanders made a wrong turn, leading the formations away from Ploesti. Recovering from this mistake, most of the bombers relocated the refineries, but the mission was doomed. The ensuing air-ground battle claimed dozens of the bombers, and many of those that survived the ordeal were forced to ditch in the ocean or in remote areas due to lack of fuel or structural damage to their aircraft.

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Ploesti: Into the Fire & Fury
William S. Phillips.
On August 1, 1943, Col. Leon Johnson led a squadron of B-24Ds over target Ploesti in operation 'Tidal Wave', losing 53 of 179 aircraft in the attack.

low-level raid on Germany's oil refineries in Ploesti, Romania, is signed by Col. Walter Stewart who, as deputy lead of the 93rd Bomb Group on this mission and pilot of the only first-wave B-24 to survive the attack, received the Distinguished Service Cross.

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