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Psychological Terrorism in the Untied States

  Click Here, and listen to this man, Brother Stair, and you will learn where we are heading.
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We are fighting the wrong war.  We need our soldiers right here at home fighting against the terrorist right here in the United States.  Our Congress and Supreme Court should be fighting this.  Our President should put his foot down to stop this terrorism right here at home.  But they're not because it all makes money for big corporations.


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A letter to a retired police officer.

Dear Pat,
Thanks again.  It's interesting that when I started this list the web was totally new.  I bought a book about airplane museums and found that the book was super incomplete so I spent a tremendous amount of time to make this list.  The same was for EAA chapters from the Experimental Aircraft Association.  My own chapter wasn't even on the EAA's site as were missing so many other chapters.  The EAA has that problem solved.  And, I thanking you again for keeping me updated.  My website went from a few pages located on the WIU schools computer, just as an experiment for me to learn the new technology, then called something like to  It has been a wonder because of all of the great people that I have met.  It has sent me to the North Pole several times, to Siberia and Norway and Alaska. 

 I have worked on research programs for NASA and have met many book authors and have a whole collection of books signed by the authors, and I still live in the garage.  I'm laughing right now because you can never tell the truth about a person by seeing where they live or what they look like.  If it wasn't for my disability, I may not have ever had a website to begin with.  Or, I would have been to the North Pole every year for eleven years now.  So the disability didn't destroy my life as so many people have told me, it just changed it.  Stephen Hawkings, the Physicist, said that if he wasn't disabled, he wouldn't have had all of those fantastic thoughts.  His disability enabled him.  I always get his name mixed up with the writer, so please excuse me if I have it wrong here.  But getting down to the truth, a person's life is what they make of it.  I work with socially disadvantaged families who are really a mess.  They are in jail, prison, on drugs, in fights and everything else.  I am finding out that most of these problems come from deep in their minds and these thoughts mostly come from the music and TV programs that they watch, not to mention their gang mentors.
 With just a single thought they can totally change their lives, as one young man told me.  He said that it was exactly like I said, as soon as he stopped wearing the punk clothes, cut his hair and stopped using foul language, his life totally changed.  He instantly went from a person who couldn't get a job or keep a job to having a new car, a real nice girlfriend, money in his pocket and self respect. 
My mind is running away now, but the source of our countries educational problems doesn't come from the schools or teachers, it comes from the education that our TV and Music is teaching our kids, even long before they start school.  The drug problems come from the same sources.  When I listen to the modern music and even the modern music that I grew up with in the sixties, I remember the kids banging their heads and singing Cocaine, Cocaine, from the Eric Clapton song.  The song is really against Cocaine, but I never heard the words against it until recently, I just heard Cocaine.  Psychological Warfare is attacking our country from within and from other countries investing money into our TV, Music and now the Internet. 
My brother, who is ten years older than me, told me that when he was in law school, his lawyer buddies told him that when divorce court came out, their incomes went up ten times.  That's a pretty good deal, would you like your income to grow ten times.  When listening to the families that I work with, they say that in prison they are allowed to watch programs like the Bad Girls Club and other totally degenerating programs on TV.  One man who is thirty two years old, after spending fifteen years in prison for drug charges, came out of prison with no education at all, yet if we ever want these people to ever be a functional part of society, he should have had a doctorate by this time.  Another prisoner, again spending years in prison for drug charges, completed the prison boot camp.  But it wasn't really like boot camp in the military where we went from school to school, he just did exercises and listened to people call him filthy names for his whole time there.  Now he's on tremendously dangerous prescription drugs that make him a total nit wit after taking them.   Our prisons should be tremendous educational facilities which would almost eliminate the root causes of crime in our country. 
Realizing that our country has only four percent of the worlds population and twenty percent of the worlds prison population, it is obvious that our prison system doesn't work.  Or does it?  It does work for the Legal Industry and Privatized Prisons because it means repeat business, just like the Divorce Court program.  One day I saw the kids watching Saturday Morning, Fox Kids, Family Guy.  I was wondering just what they were watching and listened to the program just for a couple of seconds.  This was when the program was going into a commercial break so I really didn't see Family Guy.  The picture went blank and a voice came on saying, "We need a massive all girl sex orgy. We're all turning Gay."  That was ten years ago.  Now I have a total of about twenty minutes of watching Family Guy and here's what I have heard and seen in this short period.  The little boy had a thought bubble above his head while looking at his mom.  The text said "I hate you" another time it said "I'll Kill You", another day the little boy kept pushing to have sex with his mom; another day he jumped in bed with his parents and the dad reached over, thinking he was messing with his wife, while playing with the little boys nose said, your nipples are getting hard, then he moved his hand down a little and touched the little boys lips and said, you're getting wet.  Is this what we are teaching our kids.  Absolutely!  Yet, not one time while I was watching university programs discussing why our kids are not learning did they mention the education that our kids are receiving on TV.  Not one time!  They blame the teachers, they say that there's not enough money being spent and many other reasons.  However, we spend more money on education than any other country in the world.  When Scientific American Magazine did a study of the education levels in fifty countries, the United States was forty-eight out of fifty with Viet Nam, during a time of war, still having middle school kids better educated than the kids in the United States. 
This is why I made the museum pages and the YellowAirplane site, but it turns out that the demographic charts showing my viewers are mostly over fifty.  Where did I go wrong?  Nowhere! Our television, radio, internet programs, video games and porn distributors are all pushing sex, drugs and party, party, party.  What's the fix?  There is none with the fact that most of our government is run by lawyers and corporations who make a lot of money on crime, drugs, prisons, and porn, these are all big, big sellers.  When I was reading about wealth building, I have found out that a porn webmaster can easily make twelve thousand dollars a month, while my model site makes about eight hundred dollars a month, that's why I live in a garage and Hugh Hefner lives in a huge mansion.  Think about it, who is our enemy, who is the terrorist that we should be fighting?  We are now fighting the wrong war and the wrong terrorist.
This is why I thank you so many times for your help in keeping my museum listings so up to date and thank you for being a police officer for so many years.
Thank you very, very much.

Look at Dr. Judith Reisman's studies in this area.

Should we burn this flag and everything that it has stood for.
Well, we are. 
Or just ask Bill Clinton what kind of Morals our country should have and why our men have died protecting our flag.
Where is our Money Going in America?
What is consuming our American Money, Why is our Dollar Worth Less and heading to Worthless.
Red Friday, a way to use Psychological Warfare principles to benefit our country
The New American Dollar, In God We Trust.
Read about the New American Dollar, and how we have wiped the idea of moral stability our of our nation.
What did Colin Powell say about American Veterans in Foreign Wars?
Don't be shocked by this, be worried, it's the truth about American Veterans.
A Speech to the American Legion by Harry S. Truman.
What did Harry S. Truman say about American Citizens standing up against the government.
How is the United States and the entire world being Attacked by Psychological Warfare Terrorist
This article tells you the truth about the attack of he United States and the whole World.  It's happening.
The New RFID chip will soon be in Everyone and Everything

You must read this article, it may be the most important article ever written talking about your future.

What's Happening to our World, What's Next   

What is the Future of the World and the Future of our Country,  Do we have a real democracy.  Is there psychological warfare and terrorism right in our country Now?  read this article. 9-22-2008

911, Terrorism, Wars, Wars, and More Wars,
When is it going to End.

What are we doing, are we stopping terrorism or making the rich richer.  Are we stopping terrorism or making more people hate us.  Are stopping terrorism or are we destroying the planet.  Read this article and watch the short video.  9-11-2008

Safe City Concept in China for the Olympics

Read about China's All-Seeing Eye, Big Brother is Watching and Regenerative Feedback is Making big bucks for Lawyers and Surveillance Companies.

Causes of Social Pollution Problems

Are we under an attack through psychological warfare and social pollution.  Social Pollution is real and Social Pollution is programming our lives to fail.  You don't believe me.  Take a look at TV, but don't quote a cartoon to a little kid, you can go to jail.  Read this article about Social Pollution.

Our Kids and Trash TV. 

There are times that we need to put our foot down and put an End to the Destruction of our Kids. Veterans, Why did you fight in the Wars, Was it so the Rich can destroy your and our kids?

Boys Arrested for Making Drawings.  Who's the real Terrorist?  

What is the true cause for these kids to be arrested and suspended from school for making drawings of guns in school.

Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim from Jack Hook

The memories of Vietnam and the great men I served with in the Army back in the 60's are always with me.

Henry Wolf in Viet Nam

I was stationed in Dalat-Camly, about 90 kilometers west of Cam Ranh Bay Viet Nam, and we were bivouacked in an old French three story walk-up hotel in downtown Dalat, some 13k from the airfield where we worked.

Roy Carlson Inspirational Achiever

Speaks about the Nazi underworld in America in WW2.  You will be shocked about how our country was being attacked, from within, in WW2 and it is still under attack today.  This is a very interesting article.

Is the American Dollar being Divided?  Read this article how our dollar is being taken over and our country is divided right under our nose, and we don't even see it.
Is our Government being taken over from within.  Are you planning for retirement. 
 If you are, What Flag will be flying over Your Capital
Moms and Dads, Who do your kids look up to. The top 100 Stars? If you think the celebrities are someone to look up to, think again. These should be listed as the top 100 Domestic Enemies.
John Roy Carlson
How the Nazi's are attacking America from Within.
We are All Americans
Conservative Republicans and Democrats.
She doesn't care.  A letter from a housewife in New Jersey. 
She doesn't care, but I do care.
Paris Hilton DUI, Where is our country heading and what are your kids really
looking at?  What are our soldiers fighting really fighting for.
Freedom of Speech, America's Biggest Lie.
What is the History Channel really teaching our citizens, do they have an agenda in the
 background.  A letter from the Senior Account Executive from the History Channel.
The Webmasters Story. 
A true story about the webmaster and what positive thinking, in the midst of great adversity, pain and disability, can do for your life.
A letter from a Concerned Veteran.
A letter about the return of our MIA's from Laos.
What makes a Great Country a Great Country?
The Wrong Army or is it The Wrong War. 
Read this article then look at the tremendous link from Mary Jones
Babylon the Great is Falling, a webpage from a Viet Nam Vet.
What's happening to our country, are being eaten up from within, do we have
 domestic enemies that are winning, is our government a legal government?
  Read this and think before you contact me.
Are we Grateful or Disappointed?   This page can change the way you look at live.
Push.  Is life getting you down?  Does everything seem to be going bad?
Republicans, Democrats and Socialists.
The World Trade Center Bombing.
the Bill of No Rights.
What about President George Bush  by Gerald Bratcher.
The Kitchen Table Gang.  A veterans group working to make VA hospital stays more pleasant.
A conversation between Senator Metzenbaum to Senator Glenn  very interesting.
A message from a parent at Columbine High School.
What are the TV networks teaching your kids,  this is shocking.
Gulf War Veterans
Are we treating our veterans right?  Are we giving our money to the Russians and allowing our vets to go bankrupt?
Gun Control in Australia The government took away all of the guns, is gun control working for them? 
A new senate bill threatens gun ownership  are only the rich going to be allowed to own guns?
Religious Freedom, do you have it?  A condo owners group has voted that the church meetings, held for eleven years, cannot meet anymore then they locked the doors.
Social Pollution
Just like air pollution, our countries mental attitude can be polluted also.  The ACLU wants us to fail.
They had the odds stacked against them (Veterans)
They fought with their lives for our freedom and we are ready to give it all away.
Y-I-BETOn the Youth of America   Here's what we are doing at YellowAirplane to help save our kids and our country.
Definitions you need to know.
I should have saved some of the letters that I have received from this article.  By just writing down the definitions, right out of the dictionary, I had some sleazy people really upset.  It's amazing how people think that they are the best people in the world, yet they will fill their letters with incredibly filthy words.  These words come right out of their innermost self.  This shows that the definitions listed are really true and people don't like to hear the truth.
Links to Veterans Information Pages on other sites.
The Kitchen Table Gang      A group that helps improve the life of veterans in the VA hospitals.  They have a real nice program that sends magazines, books, cards and more to the veterans at your nearest VA hospital with your name on the package.

A great link page for Veterans    from the Kitchen Table Gang. 
The American Legion. 
The American Veterans Network.

Click Here's a letter for you from my brother: James Seth Dyrek

Dyrek Vets that have no rights.

Who cares about Joe Dyrek WW II and John, James, Jack, Jerry, and Jeffery,  Viet Nam Era Vets. Six Dyrek's that served their country.   I care, Sergeant First Class James S. Dyrek, Vietnam Vet said.  "While I was in Vietnam in the years of 1965 thru 1968,  with all the other Vietnam Vet's,  the rest of the country was either having a good time or protesting something and some of them made millions in the process.  I ask, what are my rights after 25 continuous years of  Service? For Gods sake!  I couldn't even get a very bad tooth pulled at a Military Base. Thank you Mr. Government for leaving me on the curb of a street holding my Jaw. SFC James S. Dyrek, disappointed."

Videos at

Salute to our military from the North Pole, Colonel Phil Steeves



Today I went to Wal-Mart in Peoria.  I always wear my USS Kitty Hawk Hat.  I was standing in the Sub Way Shop and a young lady came up to me and gave me a small slip of paper that was folded up and said, "This is for you."  I was thinking what is this all about, this is very strange.  When I opened the note here's what it said.

I just wanted to thank you for your service to our country, Forever Grateful, Amiee.

Thank you very much Amiee.  You have made my day.  I'm a disabled vet and have been going through some real bad times and you picked up my whole day.  Thank you again, C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

P.S.  I am sure that this note was not just for me, but for all service men and women who have worked so hard to keep our freedoms and to keep our country a favorite place to live.


on the Youth of America
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Watch This TV Program to hear the latest on where our country is going.

Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
the 34th fighter Squadron

USS Kitty Hawk

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